Catalans and Foreign Friends

Catalans and Foreign Friends of Catalonia. A single force

What moves a member of Foreign Friends of Catalonia to fight for Catalonia?

What Catalan values could help us find the way to a fairer world?

How can we join forces inside and outside the country?


The great strength of Catalonia at the moment is its people. The energy that comes from the involvement of volunteers willing to work altruistically for their country is a source of constant inspiration for all Foreign Friends of Catalonia.

The Foreign Friends of Catalonia Association can help to spark this energy, which many Catalans have, among people from elsewhere too –  in fact, it’s what we’ve been doing for a year now. Catalonia can thus rely not only on the support of thousands of Catalans who volunteer their time for the Republic, but also on the time and talents of hundreds of Foreign Friends of Catalonia all over the world.

What moves Foreign Friends of Catalonia to do this?

The admiration for a country that demonstrates every day that non-material values such as dignity, coherence, tenacity and pacifism are still meaningful. This is the last hope in a world which offers less and less to be enthused about.

We in Foreign Friends are basically driven from the emotional area. It is the romantic ideology of the weak versus the powerful, honesty versus corruption. This is what attracts and enthuses. The positive sensation from knowing that helping a country, even if it’s not necessarily one’s own, is laying the foundations for a better world.

We are keenly aware that the synergies that arise from working side by side help to expand the network of qualified international support, both for the Catalan cause and for all those who are contributing to build a fairer world.

How do we make this international network possible?

We need to know how many we are and get to know each other. Through our website, we can form partnerships and, in this way, align the active forces which the Association can count on for support, inside and outside Catalonia, to carry out all the projects that arise.

It’s time to work together: Catalans, and Foreign Friends of Catalonia. The association seeks to be the platform where this unity can be built.

From both inside and outside.

In this way, Catalans living in Catalonia, Catalans living outside Catalonia, Foreign Friends of Catalonia living both inside and outside Catalonia, ….

ALL of us are the new Foreign Friends!!!!!!!

All of us, wherever we might live, wherever we were born or “whatever our ID cards say”, we only have to share the same values and aspirations and the desire to work together to build a better world!


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