Come, Research & Talk

CR&T (Come, Research & Talk), a Foreign Friends initiative aimed at foreign researchers interested in Catalonia

If you are a graduate student and want to write a thesis on Catalonia:

Would you like to have a co-tutor in Catalonia?

Would you like to have a Catalan family that will put you up while you do research for your thesis in Catalonia?


The complexity of the Catalan situation and the peculiarity of its peaceful struggle is raising a lot of interest in various academic fields.

Experts from fields such as politics, international relations, sociology, economics or international and criminal law, are looking towards Catalonia with great interest. This explains the numerous research projects, dissertations or doctoral theses that have popped out around the world.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired over the past year, we want to offer logistical support to academics and researchers outside Catalonia, so they can go ahead and encourage their students and postdocs to start projects or theses about the Catalan case and/or come here to conduct research.

At Foreign Friends of Catalonia, we can propose different lines of research to researchers from outside Catalonia, as well as offer them contacts with other academics from associations, institutions, universities, scientific groups and research centers who would be happy to undertake scientific collaborations and exchange information with them.

Another objective of Foreign Friends is to put in touch different groups that have published or are working on publications related to Catalonia, in order to create a network that can improve both the accessibility and the visibility of the studies that have been carried out.

We have a network of volunteers willing to help students, as well as a great many Catalan families prepared to offer accommodation for short stays during research projects.


  • Hosting of foreign researchers who are interested in Catalonia.
  • Providing information for thesis and research projects.
  • Enabling contact with academic figures that can guide, advise or act as a go-between with foreign professors, students or researchers.
  • Promoting student exchanges.
  • Amplifying the worldwide impact of the outcomes and conclusions of studies and analyses produced.


CR&T (Come, research and talk). From knowledge, mutual respect is born.


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