Grassroots diplomacy

Grassroots diplomacy

Grassroots diplomacy is putting to use the set of international relationships that all people have from their personal fields, making these available to the community for the reciprocal exchange of knowledge between societies.


From the Foreign Friends Association, we help put this concept into practice by providing the tools and working on projects that allow us to spread our ideas around the world.

Grassroots diplomacy is fueled by feelings and emotions that are often underused as an instrument to achieve goals.

At Foreign Friends, we believe that, in parallel to traditional diplomacy, citizens can contribute greatly by creating a network of sympathies and complicity within the international community. We believe that this can be much more effective than the connections made via traditional diplomacy.

Grassroots diplomacy is conducted through personal meetings held while traveling or hosting travelers, through conversations within families and international working groups, and through open-minded solidarity between individuals who, by virtue of not belonging to any political party or any government, can often move with more freedom of action and without facing conditions or pressures.


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