Frequently Asked Questions


Who can become a member?
Any person, whether Catalan or not, who wants to contribute to the fight for fundamental rights, with a special focus on the right to self-determination of peoples.

Is there a minimum age for membership?
Yes. Anyone aged 16 or over can join.

How much does membership cost?
The minimum membership fee for Foreign Friends is 25 euros per year.

How is the subscription renewed? Three weeks before your registration expires, we will send you an email reminder. You can then renew your subscription or cancel it.

What is the difference between a member, a welcomer and an occasional host?
A member is anyone who has registered (and therefore paid the €25 annual fee) to the Foreign Friends of Catalonia Association.
A welcomer is a member who has joined the Welcome Foreign Friends program. That is, he or she has been endorsed by another welcomer, or has made a written request to the Association.
Anybody who wants to, even if not a member, can become an occasional host of Foreign Friends at their home for specific occasions that the Association decides on.

Can an association/institution be a member?
No. The nature of a Foreign Friend is dependent on being an individual person.


Do active members of the Association receive any type of payment?
No. The task of Foreign Friends of Catalonia is totally voluntary and altruistic since we are a non-profit organization. Therefore, none of its members receive remuneration for the hours they dedicate to the association.

How much time will it take up to be a Foreign Friends partner?
Members can become involved as much or as little as they want, depending on their enthusiasm and time. In fact, no demands will be made on anyone (you can be a contributor and/or a collaborator).


What kind of accommodation can I offer?
Any. A Foreign Friend who is interested in staying with you can see the approximate location of the accommodation you offer and will contact you to find out the details.

What if I don’t speak any foreign languages?
Don’t worry. Communication between people who want to understand each other is never a problem!

Why do I need a reference from the Association or another welcomer if I want to become one?
Through this we intend to create a climate of trust between hosts and guests and thus avoid unknown anonymous profiles.

Do I have to host everyone who asks?
Absolutely not. They will have been previously referenced by a Foreign Friend and will get in touch with you, but reaching an agreement (or not) will be up to both of you.

And if I still have doubts?
You can write to us at foreign@foreignfriends.cat and we’ll try to clear up all your doubts!


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