Foreign Host Family

Do you have a guest bedroom in your home?

Do you think hosting people who are helping to internationalisation our cause could be a small gesture of gratitude?

Would you like to try the experience of meeting a Foreign Friend?


Foreign Host Families

One of the key elements of our association are the host families. Without them, we would lose most of our potential for action.

What is a “Foreign Host Family” ?

By this we mean a person or a family who generously opens their home to make it possible for grassroots diplomacy – which is at the core of our association – to take place.

Most of the association’s projects involve face-to-face meetings between its members and people outside the association, who offer their time and skills to help us achieve our goals. To make these encounters possible, one of the partners has to travel and stay a few days abroad. “Foreign Homes” are thus needed to provide a bed and/or a meal to these people and assist them with their research, information and public relations tasks. In this way, not only does the person travelling save money in expenses (which the association could never cover given the lack of funding) but, more importantly, it allows for a much richer experience, since it fosters the development of mutual feelings of gratitude and solidarity that form the basis of a future friendship.

A home with an open door represents the country we want to build: generous, welcoming, grateful and cosmopolitan.

Grassroots diplomacy, in contrast to institutionalized diplomacy, is not conducted from a parliamentary podium but via conversations around a table between new friends. For the travelling emissary, the work day doesn’t end in an impersonal room in an unfamiliar hotel, but in the warm home of the welcoming host family.

The experience of hosting a person who is endeavouring to make a common dream come true is the surest, simplest and most enriching way to collaborate with the FF association.

Therefore, we invite you to be part of this sharing initiative!


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