I want to be a Welcomer

I want to be a Welcomer

Would you like to travel and be able to stay the night in the home of another member?

Would you like to offer a meal to a member of the Association and thus meet them in person?

Would you like to participate in the Foreign Dinners organized on a regular basis by the Association, where members get a chance to meet?


What is the “Welcome Foreign Friends” program?

All members of the Foreign Friends Association can, if they want, take part in the “Welcome Foreign Friends” program, thereby becoming Welcomer in addition to members. To join the program, you must be endorsed by another Welcomer; alternatively, you can send a written request to the Association.

Welcomers are members who are given access so they can make contact with other members of the association. Each Welcomer makes themselves visible to other members via their profile, which includes their name, email, picture, and location, as well as a brief description of their occupation, personal interests, family details, hobbies and what brings them joy in life.

In their profiles, Welcomers indicate whether they are amenable to hosting other members for a few nights, inviting them over for a meal or sharing a coffee with them.

E-mail provides another way for members to interact with each other and exchange opinions or participate in each other’s projects even if face-to-face interaction is impractical. In this way, contact between any two Welcomers will be possible based on their place of residence, affinities or professional expertise.

With this initiative – which the Association finds particularly exciting as it consolidates the support network among members – we want to make it possible for the many projects that require face-to-face encounters between partners to come to fruition. We also aim to facilitate the circulation of ideas, opinions and shared feelings, which ultimately is the key objective of Foreign Friends.

The “Welcome Foreign Friends” program also offers Welcomers the chance to:

  • Take part in the “Foreign Dinners” that the Association organizes in Barcelona on the first Wednesday of every month.

  • Take part in the meals that the Association will organize around the world. Initially these will take place in Catalonia but will later extend to Northern Catalonia, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the UK.
  • Take part in the “Foreign Diades” and be hosted by Catalan families.
  • Attend the Workshops organized by the Association on a monthly basis.

– Upcoming Workshops:

December 2019: Olivella (Catalonia)

May 2020: Isle sur Marne (France)


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