Help Us Build a Country!

Help Us Build a Country! Catalonia, A Laboratory For the Whole World!

Dear Foreign Friend,

Is there an idea or a movement in your country that is helping you to be happy in your everyday life?

Have you got a project that could help improve other people’s lives?

Do you belong to a movement, or do you know of any around the world, that strikes you as especially important?


The initiative entitled “Help Us Build a Country” aims to bring together projects around the world that already exist and that make people’s lives happier. We want our Foreign Friends everywhere to tell us about those projects, so they become sources of inspiration to help construct the foundations of our country.

We want to get away from macro-projects and theories built on grandiloquent words that mean nothing to people. We want to turn the process upside down: our Foreign Friends – not the politicians or the institutions – will tell us about modest proposals that have changed their lives for the better. What really works in your district, in your town, in your region, in your country? What initiative, what law, what particular attitude is helping you and your neighbours to make life simpler or more interesting?

We’re interested in projects of all kinds: in education, social integration, housing and ecology. Projects that can benefit our grandparents, our children and the animals around us.

In this way we want Catalonia to become a great laboratory for the world, one in which brilliant ideas come together and in which it is the people who decide which ones to adopt.

We want to create a dialogue between the people of Catalonia and our Foreign Friends, between ourselves and those who have promoted these projects abroad.

We want to create bonds of complicity and join up with others, internationally, in order to build our new country, thereby forging an ideal model for all new countries in the future.


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