Catalonia Open Doors

Our association has succeeded in building a growing network of families available to generously welcome all Foreign Friends with a curiosity about who we are and what is really happening in Catalonia.

This is one of the most important assets that we have. Being aware of the potential of such a network, we look forward to launching this new project, which is as ambitious as it is useful.

As always, its effectiveness will depend largely upon the degree of involvement that we all contribute to it.

The project consists of creating an annual 4-day event around the 23rd of April, Sant Jordi Day, the national holiday of the Països Catalans, or the Festival of the Rose and the Book. During those three days, our country will open its doors to any citizen from around the world who is interested in more deeply understanding the reality of Catalonia.

It will be an opportunity to share Catalonia’s values, character, yearnings, struggles, geography, traditions, and possibilities through the most noble and innovative tool that we citizens have at our disposal: “Grass-Roots Diplomacy.”

The idea is to allow visitors to become participants for four days in the soul of the region of Girona: by offering university lectures, museums with open doors, discoveries from our historical heritage, routes through nature, visits to points of industrial and technological relevance, and contacts and meetings within the civic, academic, artistic, literary and business spheres.

Above all, we want to share the hospitable, ingenious, coordinated, and peaceful yet determined nature that has always characterized the Catalan people, in one of its most authentic areas.

To make this possible, we will first have families from different parts of the Girona region with an eagerness to host Foreign Friends who desire to experience “Catalonia Open Doors.”

In addition, the Foreign Friend will enjoy an extensive social program with participation in the fabric of community life with all who wish to be involved.

Living amongst Catalan families and participating in a wide range of activities will help Foreign Friends to return to their home country with a much clearer and more realistic idea of ​​what Catalonia is, glimpsed through the citizens of the Girona region.

If you wish to participate in the first “Catalonia Open Doors” in 2020, or if you know persons whom you think might be interesting to invite, please let us know.

Kindly send an email to

We hope to meet up with you soon – by and for Catalonia!

The Foreign Friends Team


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