I want to collaborate

Do you feel you have to do something for your country but have not yet figured out how or with whom?

Do you believe internationalisation is one of the paths for conflict-solving?

Would you like to cooperate in an international network of people who share those same values?

Why take part?
One of the reasons for becoming a Foreign Friends member is that you can cooperate as a volunteer. One thing that amazes many Spaniards and provokes admiration from the world community is the strength of the Catalan association movement, along with a tradition for sacrificing one’s free time in order to work voluntarily for a good cause, not just for one’s own benefit, but for others.

None of our projects would be possible without our worldwide network of people who contribute their time and talent to the association.

Several studies published recently have confirmed that Catalonia, in spite of everything, is one of the places in the world where people feel happiest. We would add that that is so precisely because of that “in spite of everything”.

The difficulties we face are what make us feel strong and united, and as we have a raised awareness of democratic issues, we feel the need to act in the face of adversities. As is well-known, resilience is a positive human trait.

We feel certain that our volunteer work with the association helps us to become better as individuals and, at the same time, makes an effective contribution to the change that our society desires and needs.

How can I take part?

a) By offering your time/skills/contacts

b) By making a donation

a) The Foreign Friends association is made up of volunteers. NO ONE is paid at all for the services they offer to the whole community, in terms of the time and skills they devote.

We can provide you with some ideas:

The fields in which the association requires more help in order to grow are:

  • People who have skills in any language.
  • People willing to offer their homes in Catalonia to host journalists, professors or post-graduate students for short stays.
  • People around the world willing to share their homes with association collaborators who are travelling.
  • People willing to share their homes in Girona for the “Catalonia Opendoors”.
  • People who own second homes or country houses to be able to organize monthly workshops.
  • People who own event halls, venues or offices that can be used by the Association for roundtable discussions or internal meetings.
  • People willing to transport journalists, professors, students and other guests who are visiting Catalonia.
  • Good communicators who can help us enlist new members.
  • Catalan and foreign university professors, to provide help with the CR&T project.
  • People connected to the media to help us find international journalists who could make good use of the services offered by our CS&T project.
  • Audiovisual experts who might produce and/or edit videos and insert captions.
  • PR experts who might serve as a link between other associations and institutions.
  • Communication: people with good contacts with the media to help get the word out about us.
  • IT Area: programmers and other IT people who could manage the contents, security  and maintenance of our web pages or help us with our other social networking tools such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Excel and WordPress experts are also needed.
  • Journalists able to write press statements, texts for the web page, mailings, letters, etc.
  • Lawyers and experts in data protection who might advise us.
  • Accountants.
  • Experts in associative movements.
  • Cooks for the diplomatic meals we organize.
  • Baby-sitters to take care of members’ children while they are busy with association tasks.
  • People with international or institutional contacts who can help open doors.
All those who are active in our association are members except the Foreign Friends Families and those who just want to help during the Diada.
If you want to collaborate with the association, please write to us indicating your name and your membership number, and we will get in touch with you. Thank you very much!
b) Do you want to make donation?
  • In money:
  1. PayPal
  2. Bank transfer
  • In contributions:
You can also offer: stays in rural houses / hotels for workshops, meeting rooms, dining in restaurants / private houses, printing and copying material, advertising gadgets, banners / flags or souvenirs for our international guests … and much more!
All contributions are extremely helpful and will be used for the tasks of representation, design and sharing of our projects.


Many thanks !


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